Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Handmade In Peterborough-The Alternative Xmas Pop-up Shop

Handmade In Peterborough-The Alternative Xmas Pop-up Shop

The Old Still in Peterborough is betwixt two worlds, and for a short time period she will be carrying a fine crew of local crafts-persons in her belly. The ship will be in dock for approximately 10 days, during which time persons may climb aboard and  purchase exotic and unique items intimately produced by denizens of Peterborough. These individuals for the most part are regulars (or irregulars, as some may have said) of the Monday crafting club known to the city as "Handmade In Peterborough".

MMMmmmmm....homemade fuuudge!
The crew meet each Monday at The Brewery Tap, for hearty ale, to share witty banter and anecdotes of their varied travels and travails whilst producing items using materials and means that for the most part would be filed under the word "craft".

Also worthy of mention, in a neutral and unbiased kind of way, is the work of local visual artist, Luke Payn.

 Framed, wrapped and ready to go, I have got six pieces of work available, so nip in quick and get these enlightening items of artistic enquiry before someone else does!


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  1. Hi Luke, great post. Hannah here (we chatted at the Pitch evening in the Old Still!) Good to stumble across your blog, you've gained a follower. Do stop by my blog for a cuppa if you'd like, only if you want to of course (much blushing and foot shuffling).