Saturday, 26 November 2011


I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to help produce an experimental audio-visual event such as this inside a church. 

As far as we know this is the first event of it's kind in Peterborough, it will be a unique night of improvised electronic music & visual performances inside a beautiful 14th Century church.
Set up with the help of Keely Mills, the events co-ordinator at St. Johns, this very special performance is being organised by myself and Robert White.

Hradesin is an organization engaged in the production of multi-media installations that encompass music, film and photography with an emphasis on collaboration & improvisation.
The music will be perfomed by Intercalaris (a.k.a Richard Stenton + Luke Deane)
& Hradesin using a variety of instruments and electronic devices along side a performance of a baroque recital by Kasandra's Magic Pylon Band.

The projections will be both analogue and digital, with my visual being improvised live and with photography & video by Robert White, photography by Nathan Wieckowski alongside the work of NO!Art photography of the fens group -an online photographers collaboration  on FaceBook.

The church will be lit completely up with projections onto the  and screens- it should be stunning!

Could this be considered as a 21st century meditation using light & sound? I don't know, maybe the audience can help us answer that on the night. 

I am personally very excited by the whole project, I have been performing live visuals, albeit sporadically, for many years, but never had a space like to work with. Also of interest, I have never worked previously with these musicians or rehearsed, so it will be a truly live improvisation the results will be genuinely guided by our intuitive spirits.

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