Sunday, 3 June 2012

Landed Festival 2012

A highly memorble event with Ska, swing, gypsy-jazz, hip-hop and  folk-tronica galore
set in the stunningly beautiful Rhyder valley. The air is clean, I heard no emergency sirens for the whole weekend, and met loads of friendly people. The circus skills tent was busy from dawn to dusk, with a mini penny-farthing, unicycle, Diablo's and tonnes more being practiced by kids of all ages all day long. I now realise that I was so mesmerised in watching it that I didn't have a go myself, so I promise to get stuck in next year. It was a refreshingly well organised event, a light touch all round, and a focus on the important aspects of a festival, good music, nice atmosphere,  all spaces were easily accessible and a good use of the natural environment.
  I basically have two sets of photos , one from the phone camera, using Instagram  and uploaded during the event, and the others are taken on my Canon EOS 500D. The ones here are all taken on my phone and uploaded via Instagram during the event, I will post the others some point in the future....
This is the first time I had road tested my new cameraphone and the Instagram app. It was great being able to process the images right there and post them online straight away.

I was due to VJ on the Firday night, but alas after several hours I could not get the projector to talk to my laptop. 

This was made more frustrating as I had gone into the desk and seeing it all set up, projector on the rig, all the cables wired to to the desk, an actual space to put my equipment, - a plug and play gig..! was I dreaming?!

 I was so overjoyed at this that it took me sometime to  to come to terms with the fact that the projetor was simply not working.....gutted dosen't even cover it.... I particularly wanted to do some live stuff with Opaque, the shifting melodies, bizarre sound effects and sonic soundscapes, are perfect for VJ'ing to.
Alas not this time, had I been there a day before, or had the set on Saturday I may have had more time to solve the problem.... but by  the time the evenings entertainment had started it was too late to start fiddling and climbing rigs.

At least I got to create this set of images from the event, and these photos are give a pretty good feel of the vibes and visions of the weekend.  I also got to talk with so many wonderful inspiring people, took part in several workshops, chilled by the river, warmed up by the fire and threw some wild shapes to some proper festival music!

A massive thank you to Marv, Grubby, Luke, Woef and the whole Landed Team for inviting us along, it was lovely to bring the Grassroots vibe along and to be able to part of such a genuine event.
Hopefully see you all next year, if not sooner!

Quercus Burlesque_very unusual act!

Burlesque in the Theatre Tent

Moony from Opaque

Piper on the Grassroots Stage

Decoupage Workshop!
Peter Conway Band on the Grassroots stage

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