Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Medeshamstede, artwork from Peterborough Cathedral

This series of 12 images are inspired by Peterborough Cathedral.
"Medeshamstede" was the Anglo-Saxon name for the
7th century monastery founded at this location. 
"Medeshamstede"  also gave it's  name to the
village which later  become Peterborough.

This set of work came about as part of the "Art in the Heart"
project run by Dawn Birch-James for the
Peterborough Tourist Information Centre.
Medeshamstede #5
I have wanted to produce some proper work based on this
astonishing building for as long as I can remember,
and have done bits and pieces based on it, outlines, rough ideas
and so on,but never sunk my teeth into the challenge.

Dawn asked me if I would like to get involved, and that
it was based on Peterborough landmarks, so it seemed
 the perfect timeto put some energy into the idea.
Medeshamstede #8

The original photograph is my own, so there are 12
images in the series and the original photograph they all come from.

The actual size of these pieces starts at 22" x 23"  upwards.

The original photograph was taken on Feb 21st, 2012.
To buy cards and prints of these images, or for more details
and work by other artists in the project follow the link below;

to see all 12 pieces in the Medeshamstede Series  visit my website
Medeshamstede #10

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