Saturday, 12 October 2013

Decade Decay_ Old Film Filming Film Experiments

I have a draw full of old 35mm films that I have not processed yet, today I had a sudden flash decision to go and get three of them processed. One came back mostly ok, one has lost it's integrity and came back nearly all red, and the third had no film in it, well a couple of inches that had been torn off, so don't know what happened there. The other film isn't particularly interesting, but this one that is red has got some real gems! From about 2002, so the film is over ten years old, when I lived with my brother Stuart in a village called Usk in South Wales. 
Stuart was studying Animation & Film at Uni. Here you can see Stuart working on a project to film from a push-bike, we had some fun going around the local area filming in different places with this helmet mounted camera, and I do remember at least one incident when I was cycling with it on, it slipped and I crashed into a very old Welsh wall, result-incredible pain in my knee.

Having seen these photos I am now going to try and get as many of them processed as soon as I can, stay tuned!

 These 2 images below are of a Hanimax slide projector that I have taken to pieces,  to generally see how it works, and to experiment with the lens etc. loads of fun.

 Standard burnt out car shots, but this one with the colour fades looks great, they look much more apt with the dramatic red.

 Not sure which I like more, the full red version, or the colour creeping through, the vague rainbow-ness of the second one gives it a slightly psychedelic feel.

 I prefer this in the red, you can see below where theactual colours are coming through.

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